Obamacare $666M Website Developers Blamed for Quotes/Emails

October 24, 2013

Register For Obamacare Website
So this morning I wake up ( a bit too tired if you ask me) and remember that last night just as I went to sleep I checks the news feeds for the major media “news” outlets like Reddit and CNN. You know the totally none biased, news articles and Youtube videos of the evening. Needles to say I was super excited.

First a little back story; my wife recently lost her job and in trying to navigate the red tape of the insurance agency network with her previous employer and planning for a small business insurance plan switch even if it was BCBS(Blue Cross Blue Shield) or Cobra. We have a new born a baby girl so Affordable health Care coverage is important to our lives at the time. So she goes “I’ve got an idea, OBAMACARE”! I was mentally nurturing my happiness that our family may for once be able to benefit from one of the most expensive website ever( I belive the number was near $666 million) passed.

small business obamacare registration pageHowever, only one problem the site doesn’t function and it seems almost no thought was put into web user experience. However it is a very clever landing page campaign to collect data on everyone that show up. It dangles you a carrot to enter all kinds of numbers that you could not possibly know and then swear they are accurate ( any one else smell IRS audits?) Hey wait a minute is it strange that the IRS is in charge of our insurance benefits? needless to say it continues to milk you for personal and financial information and then says it will give you a quote after an e-mail.

No surprise here their inbound marketing and lead capture strategy & skills are awesome but the responsive web design(no it does not render in all browsers correctly) and services is lacking.  Hear we are a week later and no emails or quick Obamacare insurance quotes or rates. NBD – “no big deal”, I expect that because its day one of a new web development project. Things always go wrong on web sites. That’s why you need a good Phoenix Web Developer to make sure you avoid the same mistakes that https://www.healthcare.gov/ is experiencing.

CNN was talking about it some more this morning:Is syas “Nobody’s more frustrated than “I AM”, the caption is critics and Obama are going to face off on such a matter. Why the need for a face off why not just relax they will get fixed its day one.

Flag for Country IndiaSo you may think I’m against Obamacare, you would be incorrect I love it, it may save my family in a bad situation until the health insurance web designers and programmers over in Washington D.C. spend some of that tax payer cash on a web development company in India or A.Z, with out sourcing you can change $666 million to about $13 bucks :). The website would be accurate and functioning, try Odesk or Freelancer.

Either thank you US Government for struggling through all the bad press and problems, to help people get affordable health insurance coverage and quotes. After all some one has to pay the Doctor bills because those may be the real failure here.