Google Chrome Mobile App Update 2014

March 06, 2014

Benefits of the new 2014- 2015 Google Chrome Mobile App Updates

The Google Chrome update for smartphones has offered a few changes that make the update much more useful for certain people. While there are some who might look at the updates and wonder what all the fuss is about, there are many others who will thank their lucky stars that the app has finally been updated to include the things that they so desperately wanted in the app to begin with.

1. Google Translate

Yes, now Google Translate can be used in iOS. This is a major breakthrough for Google because so many people already use Google Translate when they are looking at foreign pages on their computer. Now, those same pages can be accessed on the mobile app without trepidation.

This enhances the experience for people who work with overseas clients, people who are planning to travel abroad and even people who are looking for jobs overseas. Rather than hoping to figure out what a page says, now Google Translate can step in and handle the problem.

Home Screen Shortcuts

Many people use their phones to browse more than they use them for the apps. When this is the case, it can be quite a pain to get to the user’s favorite websites when they have to go into the app and then find the bookmark. This process can take too long to be convenient. Now, the Google Chrome app allows for users to make shortcuts that are synced right to the home screen. This means that users can fill their home screen with shortcuts to their favorite web pages and never have to worry about trying to find the bookmark in the app itself.

Use Less Data

The smartphone user who is trying to track their mobile data usage on a daily basis could find this advancement the most cost-effective part of the app update. The “reduce data usage” feature helps users to only use the data that they are actively on rather than running things in the background and wasting data that they are not actively using. This feature must be selected on the app, but it is something that could save many smartphones users a great deal of heartache.

Rolling Web Windows

The windows that the Chrome app opens are easier to flip through with the new Chrome app update. Now, users can flip through the windows they have open, almost like a Rolodex. This helps in multiple ways. First, the user can see the entire title of the webpage when they are flipping through the pages. Second, it is much easier to select the pages and go to them or delete them quickly. The organization of webpages is very important for people who use their phones for business, and this can help to cut down on data usage as well.


It may be weird for people to think about security when they are on their smartphone, but there have reports that many people use their smartphones to browse adult websites. Because of this, there could be infected websites around every corner. Now, the Google Chrome app will ask users if they want to continue on to a site before the phone becomes infected.

Because there are so few resources for mobile phones to be repaired when they have been infected by malware or spyware, this addition is odd, but it is also very effective is preventing people from letting their browsing habits get the best of them.

Google Chrome is a great app, but this major update has made is a much-favored web browser for smartphone users who will enjoy translation, data usage, Google s.e.o optimization and security services that they did not have before. If the goal was to get a mobile browser that looks almost exactly like a desktop browser, then the solution has been found in the Google Chrome mobile app update.